Violin Studio Policy

Effective September, 2016 – June, 2017

Payment: There are 35 scheduled lessons from September 12 through June 9. Payment should be made at the first lesson of the month. My fee is $56 / hour, $42 / 45 minutes and $28 / 30 minutes. I will send an email reminder. September, December and April will be a 3 week payment and the other months will be a 4 week payment.

Attendance: If you know that you can’t make a lesson, contact me as soon as possible and I will do my best to reschedule it. Cancellation on short notice because of sickness is acceptable and also in the case of poor driving conditions. A “no show” will be a forfeited lesson. Sometimes I will cancel or reschedule lessons because of a rehearsal or concert that I am performing in.

Practicing: Students are expected to commit to daily practicing. The length of time will be different for each student and will be discussed at the lesson. Young children and beginners should check off in the practice planner each task that they have completed each day and older students should record their daily practice time. I reserve the right to terminate lessons with students who demonstrate a consistent lack of practice.

Parent responsibilities: Experience has shown that the speed at which a child learns a skill, such as playing a stringed instrument, is directly associated with the amount of parent involvement. Parents of young and beginner students are required to attend all lessons and supervise all home practice. As the student approaches adolescence the parent does not need to attend lessons but can remain actively interested by asking their child how the lessons are going and monitoring daily practice. Parents are welcome to call me to discuss their child’s progress.

Recitals: There will be a fall and spring recital and students are highly encouraged to participate. Tentative dates are November 19 and May 20 in the afternoon. A professional pianist will be hired to accompany the students and a rehearsal will be arranged. Students are expected to pay a fee to the accompanist and a small fee for the rental of an auditorium.

Group lessons: They will meet on Saturday mornings two times a month. In the group class the students play songs together and perform solos for each other. Skills that are taught in the private lesson are reinforced and I also teach theory, solfeggio (singing music with syllables, do, re, mi, etc.), ear training (recognizing intervals) and rhythm. Group lessons are not required but highly recommended because they enhance the children’s musical experience and enables them to develop a well-rounded understanding of music. Group classes are fun and motivate children to practice and find enjoyment in playing music.

The fee is $10 for a 45 minute class and will be added to the monthly private lesson payment. I will send out the schedule for the year. Once the schedule is set you are obligated to pay for all the group lessons whether you attend or not. If I cancel, you will be refunded. If I reschedule and you cannot make the rescheduled class, you will be refunded.

Music books: I keep an inventory of music on hand for your convenience. You can purchase music from me but are not obligated to do so.